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Car rental in Kyiv – is a service that more and more people demand. At the same time, you may have your own car, but still use car rental service. It is based upon different reasons and situations.


Mostly, people take cars for rent in the next cases:



Car rental: what you need for this


Every person has such situations when they urgently need public transport.

That is why anyone can use car rental in Kyiv at a low cost, but on the following conditions:



Car rental conditions in Kyiv depend from:



The rules and the way of giving a car for a rent

First of all, this service is available for everybody. Secondly, there is a certain way of giving a car for a rent and car rental use.


For whom this service is available?


Any citizen of any country has a right to take a car for a rent, following the age and driving experience demands. You will need your passport, taxpayer identification number and driving license to rent a car.


You may also take a car for a rent in Kyiv airports and railway stations, with the help of the mobile phone, website menu, Viber, WhatsApp.


Tariff plans


Nowadays, there are 3 tariff plans:



Where and when to order car rental in Kyiv at low cost?

To order the service “Car rental in Kyiv” call / write to Auto Arenda company 24/7, where you will bee given:



All the necessary information you can get on the website while clicking on “conditions” or by calling us: +38 (096) 777-89-89.

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