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Car rental in Kyiv – is a service that more and more people demand. At the same time, you may have your own car, but still use car rental service. It is based upon different reasons and situations.


Mostly, people take cars for rent in the next cases:


  • Coming to another city / country on a business trip. In this case, your time is always limited and there are a lot of working tasks. You can move in the city with the help of public transport, taxi or a rented car. The last variant is certainly wins, as it saves your time, make your moving simpler and costs less than taxi services. Car rental in Kyiv without a driver (or with him) is possible for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners who are at least 23 years old.
  • Аренда авто для встреч и переговоров
  • To make an impression. The car makes the person more respectable and impressive in the eyes of other people, to some kind. Even car rental in Kyiv at a low cost lets you drive to the business meeting, business-negotiations, signing of a contract, to job interview or on a date to your girlfriend at your best.
  • Аренда авто на свадьбу Киев
  • To celebratory events. The wedding, guy`s party, birthdays, wedding proposal – these are the vents that you will remember for a long time. From the quality of how they were hold depends the mood and positive emotions. The car will not only make it simpler but also helps to make the holiday more beautiful.
  • Авто в аренду при поломке собственного автомобиля
  • When your own vehicle is damaged. Car rental for a month (or some other term) in Kyiv will make your movement easier and offer you some comfort and an ordinary life rhythm.


Car rental: what you need for this


Every person has such situations when they urgently need public transport.

That is why anyone can use car rental in Kyiv at a low cost, but on the following conditions:


  • The lessee must be at least 23 years old (and have two years of driving experience) when signing the contract – this refers to all the vehicles, except for the ones that belong to “business” class.
  • The lessee must have documents that prove his / her identity and the right to drive a car (passport, tax payer identification number and a driver`s license).
  • The lessee must follow all the contract conditions (according to the tariff that he / she choose): prepayment, deposit, etc.


Car rental conditions in Kyiv depend from:


  • Car class. Car rental company “Auto Arenda” has a big number of cars: Renault, Skoda, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Peugeot, Ford, Mazda, etc.
  • The car rental term: the longer it is, the cheaper one day of the rent.
  • The chosen tariff (economy, standard, all inclusive).
  • Additional services (for example, offering GPS-navigator, child-booster for a rent). The additional driver may be offered for an additional cost, if there is a need.


The rules and the way of giving a car for a rent

First of all, this service is available for everybody. Secondly, there is a certain way of giving a car for a rent and car rental use.


For whom this service is available?


Any citizen of any country has a right to take a car for a rent, following the age and driving experience demands. You will need your passport, taxpayer identification number and driving license to rent a car.


You may also take a car for a rent in Kyiv airports and railway stations, with the help of the mobile phone, website menu, Viber, WhatsApp.


Tariff plans


Nowadays, there are 3 tariff plans:


  • Economy – it has a mileage limit (till 50 km/day). For extra kilometers you will have to pay 5 hryvnias/kilometer. It is a must to leave a deposit, that is returned when you return a car. You need to take into consideration while choosing this tariff plan that the sum of deposit is the highest here.
  • Standard – this tariff plan gives you an opportunity to have a car for a rent in Kyiv at a low cost. The deposit sum is lower (comparing to the Economy tariff) and the conditions are better: the mileage is higher – up to 200 kilometers / day, the car is given with some amount of fuel and you do not need to drive to office to order it (the receiving of the car takes place on the territory of the city. The use of child booster, an additional driver or a navigator is at an additional cost.
  • All inclusive – this tariff plan consists of unlimited mileage, receiving and returning the car on the territory of the city, in an airport, free use of GPS-navigator, child booster (if you need them). An additional benefit is that car clearance at the end of the rent is at the company costs.


Where and when to order car rental in Kyiv at low cost?

To order the service “Car rental in Kyiv” call / write to Auto Arenda company 24/7, where you will bee given:


  • A worthy choice of the cars.
  • Different car rental conditions (taking into account your needs and opportunities).
  • Convenient ways of payment (cash, cashless)
  • An availability of booking a car beforehand.
  • The giving of the documents you need at your demand (for example, if a person is on a business trip).


All the necessary information you can get on the website while clicking on “conditions” or by calling us: +38 (096) 777-89-89.

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