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About Car Rental at Zhualiany and even more

First of all, let`s discuss whe on earth you should rent a car and not to use any other type of transport. It is wonderful when you have your own car. But you do not have always an opportunity to transport your car to Kyiv. While Auroprokat company is always ready to provide you with a car for a rent at Zhuliany airport.

Car rental benefits

By renting a car, you get the following benefits:

  1. You are not dependent on the public transport
  2. Mobility – you can move around the city on a free basis
  3. You will be able to do a lot of things, moreover, there is free time that will leave
  4. You can order a car beforehand and get it at the airport, while you provide the minimum package of documents
  5. You can use our professional drivers` services

The car rental terms and cost

What period it would be more beneficial for you, as a client to rent a car for. According to a definite patterns, it would be more beneficial for a client to rent a car for a longer period, than for a short one. Because one car rental day in Kyiv costs cheaper, then long-term car rental.

Just for an example: one day rental period of Skoda Fabia in Kyiv (and other cities of Ukraine) costs $13* per day if you rent a car for one day.

If you rent this very car for 30 days, one car rental day costs $8* per day.

The cost of delivery and returning of the car at Zhuliany airport costs $30 no matter what car class is and for which period you rent a car.

*The prices are as of 16.06.2020 and can change according to the number of days you rent a car for

Who and when can rent a car at Zhuliany airport

You need to meet easy requirements to rent a car at Autoprokat company. You can get acquainted with them by following the link:https://www.autoprokat.net.ua/en/usl.html

*The company does not take your documents as a deposit. They will be returned to you before the start of car rental.

When you can rent a car

Car rental at Zhualiany airport is possible round-the-clock, 24/7. If you rent a car at non-working hours, you will be charged $10 extra for delivery and returning of the car (till 10pm) or $20 (after 10 pm, at any time convenient for you).

Book a car and Autoprokat company will deliver it to you and wait for you at the time at an agreed time and place with a car.

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