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Citroen C1
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Days USD / day
1-7 26
8-14 24
15-29 22
30+ 18
Deposit 600
Days USD / day
1-7 37
8-14 34
15-29 32
30+ 25
Deposit 300
All inclusive
Days USD / day
5-7 74
8-14 68
15-29 64
30+ 50
Deposit 0

Additional information

Car rental of economy class Citroen C1 at a low cost. The car has 1,0 volume tank, robotized gearbox, conditioner. Everything you need for a comfortable trip. The fuel consumption rate in the city is to 7 liters and at the highway if you drive in a calm way to 4 liters per 100. There is a installed car stereo with usb and aux, a suitable order of the buttons and car management ones. The car Citroen C1 has not only a good looking way but also a beautiful quality of car assembly. Due to its small size, it is quite easy to drive a car. The traffic jams for Citroen C1 is not a problem and this car parking, makes you happy. You can order a car Citroen C1 for a rent without leaving your house for less than 1 minute. We transfer a car , the services of car rental with a driver. If you need, we can equip the car with a navigator, child booster. Also our company can provide you with transfer service .

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Предпочитаю все небольшое и компактное, поэтому и автомобиль выбирала по принципу "просто и со вкусом" и "чем меньше тем лучше". Его небольшие габариты идут только на пользу в условиях города, в особенности на парковке, когда пытаешься куда-то втиснуться.

Алла Хабенко

Отличный маленький жучек с коробкой автомат, все что нужно девочке для города. Обожаю таких букашек. Эта машинка вообще супер, все из стекла, очень удобный обзор даже когда сдаешь задом.


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