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Car rental Toyota Camry for business meetings and trips, wedding and other events. You want to look good and presentably, take a car for a rent Toyota Camry. Your business partners will meet you with pleasure, as they will see in you a business person with whom you can make a deal. You want to held an unforgettable event, a walk. A wedding or just to meet a person you love, take a car for a rent Toyota Camry . A luxurious can has a lot of benefits. There is Dual VVT-i engine capacity of 2,5 liters that has 181 horse powers. The building up a speed till 100 kilometers per hour takes just 9 seconds. The maximum speed of a car is 210 km / hour. The fuel consumption in the city is 11 liters and in the country is less than 6 liters. The fuel tank of 70 liters will be enough to drive 900 kilometers in the mixed cycle. Toyota Camry has a big amount of options that can help on the road. The parking sensors, the rain sensor, climate control, heating up the seatings and the wheel, cruise control and many others. In the car saloon everything is of a good quality and in a beautiful way. The trunk is of 506 liters, there will be enough space for 2-3 big briefcases and some amount of small bags. The car is popular not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. That is why it would be better for you to order Toyota Camry in advance. Make an order right now and get a new car for a rent Toyota Camry. Also our company offers transfer services with or without a driver.

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Новую такую машину купить у меня никак не выйдет, а благодаря АвтоаАренда я смог прокатиться на Тойоте Камри, пусть и не новой, но не менее мощной от этого. За период моей эксплуатации машина показалась мне достаточно надежной, чтобы ездить на ней и в снег и в гололед. Плюс резину на ней поменяли вовремя.


Отличная машина. Я на ней прокатился туда-обратно, так что опробовал самостоятельно.Двигатель мощнейший, разгоняет в миг до сотни, а больше я не пробовал. Очень классно, марку Тойота давно люблю, а попробовав прокатится на Камри, стал уважать еще больше.


I was going on a business meeting on a rented car Toyota Camry. I hoped that I looked very decent for the business partners to start listening to me. The meeting was OK. actually. I don`t know whether the car was the one who saved me or no. The matter is that I felt confidently inside of me thanks to Toyota Camry.

Володимир Красюк

Дуже адекватно поставилися до мене, в кількох прокатах отримав відмову, але тут надали машину, ще й ціна адекват, нажаль пропозицію компанії знайшов не відразу. Беріть тут автомобілі, щоб не було разводів, як в інших фірмах. Заставу повернули відразу ж, автомобіль мив сам на мийці.
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