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How much time can the engine last

What is your scariest nightmare? If you have a car, it is simply to assume – the engine damage. This is the most terrible nightmare among those who have or had a car.

The experts found out “the life period” at the modern cars. The engine must be OK till 500 000 kilometers of mileage.

The exceptions from the rule

To say the truth, there are slyly made fakes on a car market. If you do not notice this, your new will not last till 500 000 kilometers.

We can say the same about the cars that have driven on a distance longer than expected. We cannot say that they just are lucky and got cars of a good quality but also it is a fact that their masters took care about the cars following the recommendations and instructions of using such devices.

The factors of longer life

There are 3 factors due to which your car will last longer than you expected. Exactly you need to;

  1. Drive to technical inspection service in time.
  2. Fuel your car with the petrol only of a good quality.
  3. Last but not least, refer to your car not just like a piece of iron, but to the difficult working mechanism that also needs to be cared about as well as the human.

Follow this simple rules of taking care about the car, do not go to far and your car will last longer – the experts said the accurate numbers.

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