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Days USD / day
1-7 32
8-14 29
15-29 25
30+ 22
Deposit 1000
Days USD / day
1-7 45
8-14 42
15-29 36
30+ 32
Deposit 500
All inclusive
Days USD / day
5-7 90
8-14 84
15-29 72
30+ 64
Deposit 0

Additional information

One of the most popular cars for a rent is a new Hyundai Accent with automatic gearbox. An attractive car, a spacious saloon and a trunk with volume of 465 liters and automatic gearbox make the car the best in its class. A car with automatic gearbox and engine capacity of 1,4 liters builds up its speed to 100 kilometers in 11,5 seconds, The fuel consumption is 8 liters in the city and a little bit more than 5 liters in the country. The maximum car speed is 185 kilometers / hour. The clearance in 160 mm is enough to make the trips in the city and beyond it. The brake in Hyundai Accent car is circular, the front one is ventilated. In a car for a rent there are front safety bags, anti-lock braking system, three-point seat belts, the Isofix fixation and other useful functions. Order a car for a rent in advance to book Hyundai Accent car with automatic gearbox. Also our company can provide you with a transfer service , car rental with or without a driver.

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